• 2023/4/26

    The Zuiko Shanghai's Trade Secret Criminal Case Represented by DeHeng Was Selected as One of the "Top Ten" Cases in Shanghai

    On April 25, 2023, the Shanghai Higher People's Court held a press conference to announce the top ten cases of intellectual property protection in 2022, and the case of Zuiko (Shanghai) Corporation, represented by DeHeng lawyers, where it sued a company in Huangshan and seven defendants including one surnamed Fang for infringement of its trade secrets. The case was also included into the top ten cases of intellectual property protection in Shanghai in 2022 voted by the Office of the Shanghai Joint Conference on Intellectual Property Protection.

  • 2022/4/28

    DeHeng Successfully Represented the No.1 Case of 2021 Top Ten Intellectual Property Cases in Zhejiang

    The unfair-competition dispute between Meituan and, represented by DeHeng, has been recently concluded after the first trial by Wenzhou Intermediate Court and the second trial by the Higher People's Court of Zhejiang in the past nearly two years. DeHeng lawyers safeguarded the lawful rights of the client and won the desired outcome.

  • 2022/4/2

    DeHeng Successfully Represented China's First Case of Trade Secret Infringement in Which the Amount of Loss Was Determined by the Reasonable License Fee

    On March 31, Tianjin Intellectual Property Court held a public hearing of the case in which the defendant surnamed Zhao was accused of infringing on trade secrets. This was the first trade secret infringement case in China where the loss amount was determined by reasonable license fee after the implementation of the Judicial Interpretation on Handling Criminal Cases of Infringing on Intellectual Property (3) jointly issued by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

  • 2021/8/9

    DeHeng's Suzhou Office Won Retrial by the Supreme People's Court in Trademark Use and Unfair Competition Disputes

    Recently, the Supreme People's Court made a retrial judgment on disputes over infringement upon trademark rights and unfair competition, revoking the second-instance judgment made by the Higher People's Court of Hubei Province and affirming the main first-instance judgment of the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court. Lawyers Lyu Chengwei and Xu Wenyan from DeHeng's Suzhou Office represented the retrial applicant and won the case in the Supreme People's Court.

  • 2020/9/17

    DeHeng Successfully Represented STAR Market Listed Company MEMSensing in Five Patent Cases

    Recently, DeHeng Shanghai Office has received five rulings from the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court, which are about the disputes over the ownership of the patent right/patent application right filed by the plaintiff Goertek Co., Ltd. ("Goertek") against the defendant Suzhou MEMSensing Microsystems Co., Ltd. ("MEMSensing") and its employees. These five cases are part of the series of intellectual property disputes between the two companies.

  • 2020/8/27

    DeHeng Successfully Represented Lianhua Health in Its First Rights Protection Case after Reorganization

    Lianhua Health Group Co., Ltd. ("Lianhua Health") has filed a lawsuit against one Lianhua Food Company in Henan and others (the "defendant") over copyright infringement and unfair competition. The case has lasted for more than ten years, and is very complicated. In April 2020, after receiving the mandate from Lianhua Health, DeHeng quickly organized a team to collect evidence and determine the litigation plan. The case was filed in June 2020, and the recently-issued first-instance verdict ordered the defendant to immediately stop the infringement, change its enterprise name and compensate the plaintiff for economic losses. It marked an initial victory for the plaintiff.

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