Practice Areas

Employment & Social Security

DeHeng's employment and social security practice group has represented clients in some of the largest bankruptcy and reorganization cases in China and the largest labor dispatching disputes in China's news agency industry. We have also handed labor disputes relating to the collective contract arising from a massive layoff by a large state-owned enterprise, labor disputes for well-known international enterprises and other significant labor and human resources disputes. We are also experienced in handling labor disputes arising from labor contract with senior management or pilot.

Our practice group leaders and other senior counsels in the labor and social security practice group have actively participated in the drafting, formulation, amendment and argumentation of Chinese labor laws, administrative regulations, and general labor policies in China. In addition to our contribution to the lawmaking process, our team is able to provide forward thinking solutions to prevent labor law disputes and have been actively practicing and delivering such solutions.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Construction of organizational structure and management process of human resources
  • Design of templates for human resource management
  • Special service for personnel arrangement in system transformation, M&A, restructuring and other significant reforms of employers
  • Daily counseling concerning legal affairs related to labor and social security
  • Legal services related to application for administrative licensing, review and administrative lawsuit
  • Labor law training
  • Special legal services related to social insurance, benefits, relaxation and vacation system
  • Resolution of occupational injury
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Labor dispatching and outsourcing
  • Resolution of labor disputes
  • Other legal services related to human resources management