Practice Areas

International Construction & Projects

DeHeng' s international construction and projects practice is rooted in both Beijing and Dubai. Since 2004, attorneys from DeHeng’s Beijing and Dubai offices have been working together at construction sites at home and abroad and have been actively participating in large-scale construction in Dubai.

We have now extended our services to the Persian Gulf, from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. We have covered projects including DBB, DB, EPC, BOT and BOO. Our scope of service includes project negotiation, document preparation and related dispute resolution. Apart from onshore projects, DeHeng Beijing and Dubai offices also provide legal service to offshore construction projects, including the construction of offshore oil drilling platforms in Australia, Thailand, and the Persian Gulf.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Assistance to clients in the development of project compliance and anti-corruption system of the World Bank
  • Assistance, guidance and review of tendering and bidding documents and forms, and determination of management mode of the contractor and sub-contractor
  • Legal environment investigation/legal counseling of host countries for international construction projects
  • Issuing of legal opinions on tendering/bidding/bidding evaluation, construction price and quality and progress of construction
  • Assistance in examination of qualification of sub-contractors for international construction projects
  • Drafting, review, revision and execution of international construction contracts
  • Review and revision of professional project subcontract and labor subcontract
  • Drafting, review, and revision of commercial contracts concerning procurement of processing materials and equipment
  • Preparation of negotiation documents for international projects and participation in international project-related commercial negotiation
  • Insurance arrangement for international projects
  • Legal counseling service for inspection and acceptance upon completion as well as settlement of international projects
  • Establishment of DAB mechanism and resolution of DAB disputes over international projects
  • Lawsuit and arbitration of international projects