Practice Areas

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

DeHeng' s bankruptcy and restructuring practice group aims to provide companies in need of such services with one-stop legal services. It has rich experience in restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, compulsory liquidation and company reorganization and listing. We have established effective communication channels with the Supreme People’s Court, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, as well as securities companies, investment banks, accounting firms and assets evaluation agencies. Our professional team has been on the roster of approved bankruptcy administrators by overtwenty Higher People’s Courts and Intermediate People’s Courts including the Beijing Higher People’s Courts.

We have handled major cases that had great influence in China, including the restructuring of Hunan Taizinai Biological Technology Co., Ltd., restructuring of ST Tianfa, the first restructuring case of a listed company in China after the implementation of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, restructuring of wholly foreign owned enterprise Jilin Deda Co., Ltd., as well as a dozen restructuring cases of domestic listed companies. It is now handling the case of bankruptcy restructuring of Lasen Energy Co., Ltd. and 31 other companies (together the “Shanxi Liansheng Group”), the largest domestic bankruptcy case in assets and liabilities scale so far.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Acting as bankruptcy administrator by designation of the courts
  • Acting as member of the liquidation group to mandatorily liquidate companies by designation of the courts
  • Accepting the entrustment of bankruptcy administrators, debtors or creditors of overseas enterprises to participate in the bankruptcy restructuring or liquidation of their entities in the territory of China
  • Accepting the entrustment of creditors, debtors, reorganizers and shareholders and other stakeholders to plan and participate in company debts reorganization, pre-restructuring and restructuring as their legal adviser
  • Acting as agent of creditors, debtors and other legal entities to apply for company bankruptcy to the court, or participate in company bankruptcy procedures
  • Accepting administrator
  • Accepting the supervisory department
  • Accepting the entrustment of financial institutions, such as banks, trust companies and asset management companies, and providing the service of collecting non-performing assets for them
  • Other businesses relating to enterprise restructuring, bankruptcy reforming and liquidation