Practice Areas

Technology & Science

Technology Committee consists of five sub-divisions including Cyberspace and Data Protection, Space and Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, Life Technology and Fintech. The legal professionals of the Committee are the ones of those who firstly practiced in this field in China and they educational and working experience in related fields such as computer science, cyber security, medical equipment and engineering technology, etc. They are able to provide innovative tech enterprises with one-stop comprehensive legal services.

The Committee's clients include national and provincial-level research institutes, large state-owned tech enterprises, private tech enterprises, internet giants, multinational tech companies, tech companies listed on the main boards, and other kinds of listed tech companies. In addition, the Committee members have actively voiced their opinions in the academic field, participated in the legislation, and been invited to a number of important conferences and forums, and received awards for their publications and papers.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Commercialization of research findings and inventions
  • EU
  • Cyber and data security compliance
  • Personal information protection and compliance (regarding the privacy policy, user agreement, system establishment, security impact assessment, audit, etc.)
  • Standard contracts, security assessments and certification for cross-border data transfer
  • APP privacy detection and compliance remediation program
  • Personal information protection litigation
  • Tax compliance of digital platforms