Practice Areas

Banking & Finance

DeHeng's banking and finance practice group is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to leading financial institutions and enterprises. It is composed of eight sub-groups: banking, insurance, trusts, financial leasing, non-per forming assets, asset management, Internet finance, and cross-border finance.

We have successfully advised on many large-scale, innovative financing matters, including asset backed security transactions for financial leasing companies; issuance of green financial bonds, panda bonds, Tier II bonds, and perpetual bonds; overseas financing projects including for the then world's largest solar farm in Pakistan and a world class copper mine in Peru. We advise insurance companies with innovative business models and insurance asset management companies in the use of insurance funds. We have successfully provided representation in disputes for commercial banks, trust companies, and other financing parties. We have represented private equity funds in disputes related to investment interests.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Establishment of banks
  • Daily operation of banks
  • Entrusted investments by banks
  • Syndicated loans
  • Acquisition finance
  • Project finance
  • Aviation and shipping finance
  • Sovereign lending matters
  • Working capital and corporate lending
  • Restructuring and enforcement of creditor
  • Trust structured financing
  • Financing of real estate trusts
  • Family wealth management trusts
  • Consumption trusts
  • Insurance compliance
  • Insurance claim settlement
  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance capital infusion including creditors
  • Daily operation of financial leasing companies
  • Entrusted leasing, re-leasing, and joint leasing, and other methods of leasing
  • Leasing of ships, planes, large medical instruments and cars
  • Financial bonds, Tier II capital bonds, ABN and perpetual bonds
  • ABS for leasing obligatory rights owned by financial leasing companies
  • Structural design and securitization in disposal of all kinds of non-performing assets in the financial fields
  • Securities fund management, publicly offered fund and subsidiary assets management
  • Internet finance and P2P
  • Financial innovations
  • Planning, establishment and investment in private equity funds
  • Overseas private placement bonds
  • Dispute resolution in connection to funds, trusts, banks, insurance and financial leasing