Practice Areas

Cross-border Investment & Finance

DeHeng provides high-quality legal services to enterprises and financial institutions in investment, M&A, financing and market entry in more than 60 countries. DeHeng is one of the earliest Chinese law firms to assist in cross-border transactions in China. Having established its first overseas branch office in The Hague in 1999, DeHeng has since opened other overseas offices in In North America, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and has successfully entered into partnerships with top-ranking local law firms in many countries.

We advise in all forms of overseas investment including M&A, greenfield investment, construction, real estate and PPP projects. In cross-border investment, clients of DeHeng include large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, various investment funds and investment banks etc. We have covered projects in high-tech, healthcare, high-end manufacturing, natural resources, energy, large-scale infrastructure, and real estate. Our cross-border transaction team is also notable for its comprehensive strength in finance. We often act as the lead counsel in acquisition finance, syndicated lending, project finance, and shipping and aviation finance.

  • The Main Legal Services Include:
  • Cross-border Investment
  • Overseas investment
  • Overseas M&A
  • Overseas listing and delisting
  • Foreign investment
  • International antitrust
  • International construction
  • International dispute resolution

  • Cross-border Finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Project finance
  • Aviation finance
  • Shipping finance
  • Sovereign lending matters
  • Working capital and corporate lending
  • Restructuring and enforcement of creditor