DeHeng Lawyers are Appointed as Arbitrators

of China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)


Recently, the process re-election of CMAC arbitrators has been successfully completed, multiple DeHeng lawyers were elected as arbitrators of CMAC's new arbitrator panel, including: 

  • Mr. Jia Huaiyuan, Mr. Wang Yinan, Mr. Zhang Zhenli and Mr. Peng Xianwei, partners of Beijing DeHeng Law Offices; 

  • Director Mr. Yue Aimin and partner Mr. Wang Zhigang of DeHeng Tianjin Office; 

  • Mr. Huang Yong, Deputy Director of DeHeng Chengdu Office; 

  • Mr. Huang Jianing, member of the Management Committee of DeHeng Hangzhou Office; and 

  • Ms. Yang Xiaoling, partner of DeHeng Xiamen Office. 

The new panel of arbitrators will be inaugurated  as of May 1, 2021, with a term of five-years.

In DeHeng, maritime legal service is one of the main practice areas with rapid development. The members of DeHeng's maritime legal service team have rich practical experience, and are familiar with the maritime laws of China and other major maritime shipping markets as well as relevant international treaties. The team has sufficient ability to provide clients with both litigation and non-litigation legal services involving various maritime business and international trade by using multiple languages. 

CMAC, formerly known as the Maritime Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, is a permanent non-governmental maritime arbitration institution in China. It was established in 1959 and changed to its current name in 1998.  In accordance with the agreement reached by the parties to submit the dispute to the arbitration commission for arbitration before or after the occurrence of the dispute and a written application submitted by one of the parties, CMAC accepts and arbitrates maritime transport disputes involving collision of ships at sea, mutual rescue of ships at sea, chartering of ships at sea, agent services, and environmental pollution and damage at sea, and other maritime disputes where arbitration is requested by both parties through an agreement.

Relevant Lawyer

  • Yong Huang


    Tel:+86 28 8333 8385

  • Huaiyuan JIA


    Tel:+971 4 294 6164/ + 971 50 6445909

  • Xianwei (Philip) PENG


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2796

  • Yinan WANG


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2888

  • Aimin YUE


    Tel:+86 22 6535 8301

  • Zhenli ZHANG


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2888

  • Jianing HUANG


    Tel:+86 571 8110 5811


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