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DeHeng Lawyer Awarded the Honorary Title of
"Top Ten Anti-Monopoly Lawyer of the Year"
by China Intellectual Property Forum



Recently, about 1,000 experts, scholars, lawyers, business representatives and others attended the 5th China Intellectual Property Forum held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. At the forum, Mr. Ding Liang, a partner of DeHeng in the Beijing office, was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Anti-Monopoly Lawyer of the Year" in recognition of his contribution in the anti-monopoly field.

Upholding the concept of "realizing the value of intellectual property and boosting innovation-driven development", China Intellectual Property Forum 2018 adopted the theme of "Theory, Law and Best Practices for Strengthening the Country through Intellectual Property in the New Era". At the main forum and sessions on patents, trademarks,  copyrights, anti-monopoly, service industry, entrepreneurs, international business and etc., experts and representatives from various industries shared their views on topics including rules and practices in the context of high value, hot topics and difficulties for copyright protection in the internet era, new developments in corporate brand and trademark practices, law enforcement and judicial practice in anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, high-value intellectual property rights and value of service industry, intellectual property management and value realization, and support for global development of businesses. Demonstration of the important contribution by representative models on areas such as quality and value improvements of intellectual property and corporate innovation-based developments, was the focus of the forum. In addition, the participants discussed the new models, new methods and new practices for the creation, management, application and protection of intellectual property rights.


Guided by the "innovative, coordinated, open, sharing" development concept, the Forum's annual selections this year adopted "responsibility, innovation, challenge" as the keywords, and "capabilities in innovation, influence, development, management" as the selection criteria, to tap into innovative enterprises and leaders in the development of China's intellectual property industry, to promote the representative and influential individuals and their advanced concepts, to demonstrate their trajectory of efforts, and to further stimulate entrepreneurs' innovative spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and inspire them to make greater achievements in making China a strong country in terms of intellectual property.


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