DeHeng Was Invited to Write the China Chapter of the Insurance Litigation Guide 2021 Exclusively for Chambers and Partners 


DeHeng is honored to announce that our Beijing Office has recently accepted the exclusive invitation of Chambers and Partners, an international authoritative legal rating agency, to write the China chapters of the Insurance Litigation Guide 2021.


The work was led by Jia Hui, Chief Executive Director of DeHeng’s Finance Committee, with the support of lawyers Fang Fang, Fu Ranran and Wang Shimeng as well as intern Gao Ya.


As one of the most authoritative international legal rating agencies, Chambers and Partners invites every year well-known law firms and lawyers from various countries /regions to interpret the laws and regulations of their host country/region, and share practice experience in relevant areas. In the field of insurance litigation, DeHeng Law Offices (Beijing) has represented many important, complex and difficult insurance litigation cases and gained rich and valuable experience in litigation services over the years. DeHeng, by virtue of our excellent expertise and team capabilities, and Mr. Jia Hui, for his rich experience in the insurance area, are both recommended in the 2020 Asia-Pacific Guide in the area of insurance law.


The China Chapter of the Insurance Litigation Guide 2021 covers an overview of relevant legal provisions, jurisdiction and application of laws, arbitration of insurance cases, diverse dispute resolution mechanisms, common types of insurance lawsuits and the focus of disputes, the insured’s legal liability, the insurer’s right of recourse, the impact of COVID-19 on insurance lawsuits, and significant legislative and regulatory developments, etc. It introduces China’s legal system for insurance litigation and its core elements, fully demonstrates the professional achievements and expertise of DeHeng lawyers in the field of insurance law and litigation, and is highly recognized by Chambers and Partners.

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