Social Responsibility

DeHeng Lawyers Invited to Give a Talk to the Elderly

on How to Defend Their Rights


DeHeng lawyers gave a talk on how to defend their rights to the elderly in Zhongsheng Neighborhood Committee on the morning of June 17, 2008.


Assigned by Beijing Lawyers Association and at the invitation of Zhongsheng Neighborhood Committee of Xicheng District, Deheng lawyers Li Yangtian and Liu Jing gave a lecture to the old people to explain them how to protect their own rights. By selecting the typical infringement cases that occurred to the elderly, the talk analyzed various violations found in remarriage, inheritance and family maintenance related to the elderly, and gave legal advice on the avoidance of such violations. Particularly, lawyer Li, combining the older people’s situation with the legal practice, explained how to properly handle family relations and safeguard their rights. The talk was warmly appreciated by the elder participants.


The activity of giving lectures on how to protect their rights to the elderly in the community is one of the projects where DeHeng Law Office participates in the legal assistance.


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