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Director Wang Li Donated RMB 100, 000 for Yushu the Quake-Hit Area


At 20 o'clock on April 20, 2010, "Great Love for Yushu-Special Program of a Large Earthquake Relief Fund-raising Activities" was held at the CCTV studio. At that time, the national advanced party organizations at the basic level, national outstanding CPC members, representatives of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, CASS members, medical workers, the old Red Army representatives, representatives of college students and the Young Pioneers made a generous donation.

Director of DeHeng Law Offices Wang Li, as a representative of advanced basic party organizations and the legal profession, individually donated RMB100,000 to express love to the people of disaster areas and hope that the people of disaster areas can overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

In 2008 after Wenchuan earthquake, Wang Li paid RMB100,000 as special Party membership dues once for the quake-hit area.


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