DeHeng Seoul Office Officially Inaugurated to Provide One-stop Services for Chinese Enterprises Doing Business in ROK


China and the Republic of Korea are friendly neighbors. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, the two countries have seen increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges. By 2022, China had been ROK's largest trading partner for 18 consecutive years, and ROK jumped to become China's fourth largest trading partner. According to China's Ministry of Commerce, bilateral trade exceeded USD 360 billion in 2021, and two-way investment exceeded USD 100 billion.

ROK has world-leading technologies in the fields of biomedicine, new energy, automotive industry, and semiconductors, and Chinese and Korean companies have broad development prospects in these fields. With the further implementation of the China-ROK Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), China-ROK economic and trade cooperation has achieved greater market dividends.

DeHeng has always been committed to providing all-round and one-stop legal services for the overseas development of Chinese enterprises. In order to provide more efficient and convenient legal services to Chinese enterprises in ROK, DeHeng set up the Seoul office. DeHeng Seoul office is located in Yeouido, the financial and political center of Seoul. The team members are all proficient in Chinese and Korean, have master's or doctoral degrees, and have studied and worked in ROK for many years, in addition to their learning experience in prestigious universities and working experience in well-known law firms in China and ROK.

In the future, DeHeng Seoul Office will cooperate with DeHeng's Beijing headquarters and other offices, promptly respond to the needs of Chinese enterprises in the fields of investment and dispute resolution in ROK, and provide clients with efficient and high-quality one-stop services.

Head of Seoul Office:



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