DeHeng Advised the Joint Venture between Baowu Carbon and Wanhua Chemical on Passing the Merger Review


Baowu Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. and Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. recently set up a joint venture to engage in carbon fiber precursor-related business. Baowu Carbon Technology holds 51% of the equity in the joint venture, while Wanhua Chemical the remaining 49%.  After the completion of the transaction, Baowu Carbon and Wanhua Chemical will jointly control and run the joint venture.

Mandated by Baowu Carbon Technology, the DeHeng team, led by partners Hu Tie and Zhang Zhonggang, with primary support from lawyer Fu Yunqing from the Beijing Office and Nie Bomin from the Shanghai Office, provided whole-process legal services for the anti-monopoly declaration of the concentration of business operators involved in the deal. 

With rich declaration experience and in-depth understanding of the carbon fiber industry involved, DeHeng lawyers completed their job in a relatively short time, including determining the declaration plan and procedure, defining relevant markets, analyzing market competition, preparation of declaration documents, etc., and assisted both parties in passing the merger review in a relatively short period of time. The DeHeng team's comprehensive, professional and high-quality legal services were highly praised by the client.  

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