DeHeng Officially Unveiled Xixian New Area Office


On the morning of October 18, 2020, the inauguration ceremony of DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area) was held in the Law Building of the Legal Service Innovation Industrial Park, Xixian New Area (Free Trade Zone), Shaanxi Province. The ceremony attracted the presence of senior officials of Xixian New Area, including the Political and Legal Affairs Department director Zhang Lijun, deputy director Ma Ning of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and Justice Bureau's deputy director Zhang Hongbo. On the DeHeng side, Dr. Wang Li, Party Secretary, Director and Chief Global Partner of DeHeng Law Offices, Deputy Director Li Guifang, Executive Director Sun Ganghong, Deputy Director Xu Jianjun, heads and partner representatives of branch offices were present. Director Yan Yuxin of the Xixian New Area Office, together with its management committee, partners and lawyers, extended warm welcome to the guests.


Dr. Wang Li joined the delegation led by Mr. Zhang Lijun in visiting the Public Legal Service Center, the Belt and Road Legal Service Innovation Center and other legal service institutions at Xixian New Area (Free Trade Zone) Legal Service Innovation Industrial Park.


▲ Dr. Wang Li and Mr. Zhang Lijun jointly unveiled DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area)

At the unveiling ceremony, Dr. Wang Li and Mr. Zhang Lijun jointly unveiled DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area)


▲DeHeng Deputy Director Mr. Li Guifang and the head of Xixian New Area Office Mr. Lu Ziwen

 unveiled the CCP branch of  DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area)

DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area) is DeHeng's 36th branch in China. It has more than 180 employees, including more than 150 professional lawyers. DeHeng has long aimed to promote its development via Party building. With the approval of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Lawyers Association, DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area) set up a Party branch, with 70 Party members so far,accounting for more than half of its lawyers. The establishment of the Party branch is a full affirmation and encouragement of the Party building work in the Xixian New Area Office; more importantly, it consolidates the organizational foundation for the Office to better adapt to the new situation and development of lawyers' work, and further the Party building work.  


As an ancient poem reads, "When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you'll ride the wind and cleave the waves." DeHeng Law Offices (Xixian New Area) will live up to the expectation, take bold strides forward, uphold the values of "professionalism, ethics and integrity," assume new responsibilities and write a new glorious chapter at a new starting point.


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