DeHeng European Partners Held a Meeting in Paris


DeHeng has developed its European business for 10 years, and has provided professional legal services to China-EU companies in their exchange and development. The services range from helping well-known domestic enterprises to establish branches, list in the stock market and M&A in Europe, providing legal support to European companies for their business development in China, resolving legal disputes between companies in Europe and China, to the implementation of verdicts made by Chinese and foreign juridical institutions, and so on.


In order to meet the trend of increasing business and cultural cooperation among the European countries, on Oct. 26, 2008, DeHeng European partners held a meeting in Paris, France, to determine the direction of DeHeng European business. Wang Li, the director of DeHeng Law Offices, pointed out that, DeHeng would integrate its teams in the Netherlands, France and Germany into a DeHeng European business team, and at the same time strengthen the construction of the European Business Department in Beijing headquarters to continue to provide high-quality legal services to China-EU enterprises. Shi Renlin, the partner of DeHeng Paris branch, and Sun Xiaoling, the representative of DeHeng Hague branch, said that DeHeng European Business Department will provide its clients with local professional Legal services from the commercial and legal point of view, and by use of DeHeng global resources, legal expertise and language advantages.


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