DeHeng Co-Sponsored Legal Seminar
on the Case of Coca-Cola Acquiring Huiyuan


On the evening of March 23, 2009, Legal Seminar on the Case of Coca-Cola Acquiring Huiyuan was held at Yifu Conference Center of Renmin University of China. The seminar was co-sponsored by Law School of Renmin University of China (Research Center of Economic Law and Competition Law) Legal Daily Weekend and DeHeng Law Offices. Dr. Wang Li, director of DeHeng and Zhang Ye, lawyer from DeHeng, attended the seminar. Dr. Wang Li made a speech at the seminar.


The case of Coca-Cola acquiring Huiyuan is currently the largest and most influential foreign investment acquisition. It is the first case that hasn't been approved for its concentrate suspicion since the implementation of Anti-monopoly Law on August 1 of last year, causing great concern both at home and abroad.


The seminar is convened for two purposes: First, giving an objective assessment of the result of the review by the Ministry of Commerce from the professional perspective of the authoritative professors and senior lawyers in the area of anti-monopoly law to help the general public really understand the case and improve public awareness of anti-monopoly law.


The second purpose is to put forward different views and suggestions through experts' discussion and exploration for the future smoother implementation of anti-monopoly law in China and the robust growth of law enforcement institutions and Anti-monopoly Law.


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