DeHeng Lawyers were Invited to Attend the Tenth
Joint Working Session of the Sponsor Agencies


On February 13, 2009, Shenzhen Stock Exchange held its tenth joint working session of sponsor agencies in Shenzhen. In response to the new situation and opportunities in the cultivation and sponsor work of SME listing, the meeting is aimed to communicate experiences of cultivating and sponsor work, improve the quality control system and continuous steering mechanism. Chen Dongzheng, Board Chairman of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Zhu Congjiu, Assistant Chairman of CSRC, attended and addressed the meeting, Song Liping, General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, chaired the meeting.


Because of its outstanding performance in the small and medium-sized enterprises listing, DeHeng Law Offices was invited and lawyers Guo Kejun and Xu Jianjun took part in the meeting, and they made a speech at the group discussions.


There are currently 273 listed companies in the small and medium-sized board market.


Since the creation of SME board market, DeHeng has been actively involved, and as of the present, according to Shenzhen Stock Exchange's rank, has provided legal services for quite a few small and medium-sized enterprises and stands first among the law firms.


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