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Wang Junqi Awarded Client Choice: Top 15 Intellectual Property Versatile Practitioners by LEGALBAND


We are happy to announce that executive director of our Shanghai Office Mr. Wang Junqi, with his solid expertise, rich experience and outstanding reputation in among clients, was ranked on the list of Client Choice: Top 15 Intellectual Property Versatile Practitioners published by LEGALBAND, a prestigious law-firm rating agency, on March 7, 2022.


Wang Junqi, executive director and partner of DeHeng’s Shanghai Office, serves concurrently as an arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission and Shanghai International Arbitration Center, an expert counsel on civil and administrative cases to the Supreme Court, and a field-practice tutor for law postgraduates of the Law School of Fudan University and East China University of Political Science and Law. Having practiced law for more than 20 years, he has represented more than 2,000 cases as a lawyer and heard nearly 200 cases as an arbitrator, and received many awards from the district government of Jing'an, the Shanghai Bar Association, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government. He has also frequently appeared on international rankings of professionals including Chambers Global, The Legal 500 and ALB, and won many milestone cases for clients. 


Mr. Wang Junqi, executive director of DeHeng's Shanghai Office, boasts profound legal knowledge, and has advised many listed companies and leading domestic and overseas enterprises in litigation, arbitration, corporate governance and other areas. He is a senior lawyer in the area of dispute resolution. In a case that involved a series of securities misrepresentation disputes, he thought out of box and achieved a result that was unthinkable to many under high regulatory pressure; his handling of the case had strong demonstration effect and big reference value. 

Client feedback:

"While handling the case, Mr. Wang was able to take a holistic approach based on the details of the case. He has rich case handling experience and excellent professional skills. More importantly, he can combine common sense and legal expertise, and explain the business logic behind complex legal provisions in a concise way. With Mr. Wang's advice, we achieved the desired outcome in the case, which greatly reduced the impact on our company and allowed us to make stable and steady progress in the pursuit of business development."

About the list: 

The top 15 versatile litigants selected are dedicated to assisting corporate and individual clients in properly handling and resolving various complicated legal disputes. They are specialized in, including but not limited to: business disputes, domestic and international arbitration, investment and financing disputes, anti-monopoly litigation, financial and securities disputes, unfair competition, administrative review and litigation, and intellectual property litigation. They are able to use their profound expertise and skill sets and effectively formulate comprehensive and appropriate litigation tactics and legal solutions from the perspective of clients, to prevent and respond to the occurrence of various emerging and difficult disputes, and make every effort to protect clients' lawful rights and commercial interests, so as to tide enterprises over the crisis quickly and help them resume healthy and stable operations.

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