Multiple DeHeng Lawyers are Appointed as Arbitrators

of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)


In accordance with the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China and the Rules for the Appointment of Arbitrators of CIETAC, and after being reviewed and approved by the CIETAC Chairman's Meeting, a new panel of CIETAC arbitrators was put into effect from May 1, 2021, with a term of five years.

A total of 16 DeHeng lawyers were elected to the panel, including: 

Dr. Wang Li, Director and the Chief Global Partner of DeHeng Law Offices; 

Mr. Xie Lijin, Mr. Jia Huaiyuan, Mr. Chen Hongwu, Mr. Wang Zhong, and Mr. Li Beichen, partners of Beijing DeHeng Law Offices;

Mr. Yu Xiufeng, Director of DeHeng Shenzhen Office; 

Mr. Su Qiyun, Mr. Li Zhongxuan and Mr. Li Jianhua, partners of DeHeng Shenzhen Office; 

Mr. Huang Yong, Deputy Director of DeHeng Chengdu Office; 

Mr. Huang Jianing, member of the Management Committee of DeHeng Hangzhou Office; 

Mr. Wu Jun, partner of DeHeng Shanghai Office; 

Mr. Wang Maosong and Mr. Ma Yi, partners of DeHeng Jinan Office; and 

Mr. Chen Xiaomin, Director of DeHeng New York Office.

DeHeng lawyers have served as CIETAC arbitrators for many consecutive years. With their solid legal knowledge accumulation, deep professional expertise, and strong sense of responsibility, DeHeng lawyers have been highly praised by CIETAC, arbitration participants and other peers. Meanwhile, by the methods of organizing lectures and training sessions, DeHeng is committed to cultivating young lawyers in the practice area of arbitration, in order to furtherly expand its arbitrator team in major arbitration commissions, and enhance its influence in the field of arbitration.

There are totally 1,698 arbitrators on the new panel of CIETAC arbitrators. Among them, 1,215 of the arbitrators come from Mainland China, being the first time to achieve the full coverage of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in Mainland China;, and the other 483 of the arbitrators come from Hong Kong, Macao,Taiwan, and 85 foreign countries and regions. Among them, countries along the "Belt and Road" increased from 28 to 47. Meanwhile, the qualifications of 107 arbitrators of the previous panel were not renewed upon expiration.

Relevant Lawyer

  • Hongwu CHEN


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2796

  • Xiaomin CHEN


    Tel:+1 212 608 6500

  • Yong Huang


    Tel:+86 28 8333 8385

  • Zhongxuan (Alex) LI


    Tel:+86 755 8828 6488

  • Qiyun SU


    Tel:+86 755 8828 6488

  • Li WANG


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2888

  • Maosong WANG


    Tel:+86 531 8166 3606

  • Lijin (Kevin) Xie


    Tel:+86 10 5268 2888

  • Xiufeng YU


    Tel:+86 755 8828 6486

  • Jianing HUANG


    Tel:+86 571 8650 8077


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