DeHeng Welcomed New Partners to Shanghai Office


Recently, DeHeng's Shanghai Office was joined by a number of new partners, namely, Deng Xueping, Ma Hongtao, Yang Min, Yu Yunbo, Zhao Zhidong, and Wu Yanan.


Deng Xueping



Mr. Deng is specialized in criminal defense and administrative litigation. 

Before practicing law in 2014, Mr. Deng served as a prosecutor for seven years. He has represented many major and difficult criminal litigation cases tried by the Supreme People's Court and Higher People's Court. He is also a guest commentator for Beijing News and The Paper, and runs a personal column on Sina Finance and With chronic keen interest in high-profile cases and difficult legal issues, Mr. Deng was named one of Top Ten Figures in Rule of Law of 2018 by Sina Weibo.         



Ma Hongtao



Mr. Ma is specialized in perennial legal consulting and dispute resolution services for clients in the fields of cosmetics, beauty, medical beauty and culture.

Having worked in France for several years, Mr. Ma has a deep understanding of the habits and culture of French enterprises, and has extensive experience in advising foreign clients (especially French clients) in international investment, international trade and daily legal affairs.         



Yang Min



Ms. Yang is specialized in private-equity funds, M&A and securities related legal services.  

In her 18-year career in law practice, she served as the legal counsel for a number of private-equity funds for years, and provided legal services for the M&A between listed companies and state-owned enterprises, shareholding reforms, non-public issuance of stocks, major asset restructuring, the structuring of redemption funds for domestic companies, and overseas listing.        



Yu Yunbo



Mr. Yu's practice areas include initial public offerings and listings, asset securitization, funds, M&A in the securities and capital market, and fiscal and taxation related legal services.  

Mr. Yu used to work in judicial organs for many years, and then advised JD Digital Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., Chongqing New Dazheng Property Group Co., Ltd. (002968), Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd. (600475), Haitong Innovation Securities Investment Co., Ltd., etc.  Mr. Yu is a certified public accountant and a certified tax agent, good at coming up with integrated, creative non-litigation and litigation solutions for clients.         



Zhao Zhidong



Mr. Zhao's practice areas include private equity funds, corporate bonds, M&A, civil and commercial dispute resolution, and major corporate crisis management.  

Mr. Zhao used to work in a well-known law firm for more than ten years, with rich experience in litigation and non-litigation services, and good at cutting through entangled facts to identify the problem and come up with practical solutions. Zhao's clients include foreign-related companies, large state-owned enterprises, universities under the 985 Project, and listed companies.         



Wu Yanan


Business partner/Lawyer

Ms. Wu Yanan's practice areas include international/domestic ship trading/financing, international and domestic arbitration, insurance, other commercial and maritime litigation and non-litigation services.

Her clients include financial leasing companies, insurers, ship owners, freight forwarders and cargo owners. With more than ten years of experience in law practice, Wu joined DeHeng in September 2016 and was recently transferred to DeHeng's Shanghai Office.   

In addition to the above new entrants, DeHeng's Shanghai Office has also recently promoted five lawyers to partners, namely, Chen Dezhi, Chu Weishu, Dai Xiang, Gao Yaping, and Lang Wenyan.



Chen Dezhi



Mr. Chen Dezhi has more than ten years of law practice experience and is specialized in corporate investment and acquisition, listing and financing, corporate compliance and equity dispute resolution.

He has advised many companies in successful IPOs and financing, completed equity investment/mergers, and properly handled equity shareholder disputes for clients in such industries as education, Internet, big data, medical beauty, medical services, pharmaceuticals, K12 education, logistics and warehousing, automobiles and general manufacturing.        



Chu Weishu



Ms. Chu Weishu's practice area covers major and difficult criminal litigation, including securities and financial litigation, criminal-civilian litigation, economic litigation, and traditional criminal cases, as well as legal services for corporate criminal compliance, and corporate legal counsel.  

Chu used to work in procuratorial organs for many years of experience, responsible for handling a large number of difficult, new-type and high-profile cases.



Dai Xiang



Mr. Dai Xiang is specialized in legal services in the capital market such as IPO, listed company refinancing, bond issuance, and restructuring. 

He used to work in the legal compliance department of a joint-stock commercial bank's head office, and good at providing legal services in the financial sector, especially the banking and fintech industries. He has also successfully represented many dispute litigation and arbitration.         



Gao Yaping



Ms. Gao Yaping is specialized in new-economy platform compliance and risk control, tax planning, data compliance, equity incentives, cross-border investment and financing, corporate mergers and restructuring, and listing, and provides compliance and tax consulting and planning services for many new-economy platforms.  

Gao is a co-head of DeHeng's Tax Law Center of the Shanghai Office. She is also a tax law counsel for many well-known tax accounting firms in Shanghai, and served as the legal counsel for many iconic cross-border investment and corporate listing projects. Her practice areas include socialized flexible employment and sharing economy, live-streaming platforms and social e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, big data technology, biomedicine, real estate and financial services. 



Lang Wenyan



Ms. Lang Wenyan is specialized in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, labor and human resources, marriage and family affairs, real estate disputes and related corporate services.

Ms. Lang's clients include commercial banks, multinational companies, listed companies, state-owned enterprises, and large and medium-sized private enterprises. She used to work in Shanghai's courts for 17 years, serve as a judge in the real estate court and labor dispute court, and preside over a large number of difficult, complex, new-type cases of great social impact.        

The addition of the above new partners will further strengthen DeHeng's expertise in related areas, and allow it to better meet the evolving needs of clients as their business grows, and to provide clients with more professional, efficient, higher-quality legal services.


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