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Working Language: Chinese/ English
Mr. Wang specializes in the domestic and overseas listing, M&A, investment and financing. Mr. Wang has nearly 10 years of lawyer experiences. Mr. Wang ever majored or anticipated in many famous projects.
Representative Matters
  • Mergers& Acquisitions
  • Acted as legal counsel for Baihe Net to dismantle its ever red chip structure project, financing more than RMB 3 billion by Baihe Net project and listing of Baihe Net on NEEQ.
  • Acted as legal counsel in the material assets restructuring project relating to merger of Jiayuan International ( Listed in Nasdaq, Date) by Baihe Net(834214) .
  • Acted as legal counsel in the project of acquisition of Baihe Net by Hongyuan Investment controlled by Mr. Guangchang Guo with the amount of nearly RMB 4 billion.
  • Acted as legal counsel for Baihe Net investing into many companies in the marriage chain (including without limitation to Yulan Cloth, Cosmo Love(Beijing), Aifeier Wedding, Xiaoliangkou etc.)
  • Acted as legal counsel for Du Xiaoman Financial (ever named Baidu Financial) to invest in a net financial company.
  • Acted as legal counsel for Beijing Capital (600008) and invest many projects, including without limitation to Hairuosi (Beijing) Source, Chengdu Jinqiang Tap Water
  • Acted as legal counsel for the subsidiaries of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau for investing in many mining projects( including without limitation to Xinjiang gold mines, Guangxi marble mines etc.).
  • Acted as legal counsel for West Asset to invest lots of projects (including without limitation of Shandong Highway Project, Zhangwanfu Jewelry Project etc.).
  • Acted as legal counsel for Sino-ocean Property(3377.HK)to invest many projects(including without limitation to Indigo project, cooperation with Volkswagen project, elderly health real estate project etc.).
  • Domestic and Overseas Listing
  • Acted as PRC legal Counsel for Chinese companies to list on the Hong Kong capital market such as China Golden Classic Group(8281.HK), Salon Food Condiment(8250.HK)etc.
  • Acted as PRC legal Counsel for Chinese companies to list in the domestic capital market.
  • Acted as PRC legal Counsel for Chinese companies to list in the U.S.A capital market such as CC Jewelry, ETAH, PBG Water Solutions International Inc. etc.
Education Background
  • Master of International Economic Law, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing (2007)
Professional Qualifications
  • Bar admission in P.R. China
Selected Publications
  • Mr. Wang has published dozens of articles in the famous domestic and overseas periodicals such as Caijing, Global Finance, China Forex Magazine, Finance Series, Weekly on Stocks, China Law and Practice etc.
  • Articles:
  • "Restoring Confidence" as Cover story, China Law& Practice (November 2011, Volume 25 No.9)
  • "Not Falling Short" as Cover story, China Law& Practice (December 2011/ January 2012 Volume 25 No.10)
  • "The Legality of Valuation Adjustment within China", collected in The Forum of the Rule of Law in Chinese Capital Market of 2012 The Summit of Cutting Edge Issues in Private- Equity Funds.
  • "Integrity—Key to Smooth Away Perplexity of Valuation Adjustment Mechanism", collected by Securities Law Review Volume VII (2012) (Serial No.7) , Law Press. China
  • Publications:
  • Dismantling Red Chip Structure of Chinese Concept Companies regarding Overseas Listing The Analysis of Actual Cases and Prevention of Legal Risks, Law Press China, January 2013.
  • Five Steps of Chinese Concept Stock (Chinese and English), Law Press China, February 2014.
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